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Finger Lakes Winery Tours and Chauffeur Service

      Finger Lakes Winery Tours

I am Charles Holmes, your host.  I offer expert winery tours in the Finger Lakes Region for couples.  I will be glad to take you to where the finest wines are made.

To Make a Reservation:

Call (315) 559-8540

Email: [email protected]


You will enjoy the quiet, comfortable ride of the Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. It rides as smoothly as a luxury car yet is easier to get in and out of.   It has outlets to plug in your cell phone.

Finger Lakes Winery Tours:

* I chauffeur couples.  Maximum two couples per tour.

* Your tour is private in that strangers will not share the vehicle with you.

* You state what time the tour starts and stops.  I ask for at least four hours.

* I will be glad to take you to the wineries of your choice.

* I can make educated suggestions. For example, if you prefer dry wines, I will be glad to take you to where the finest dry wines are made.

* We can include visits to breweries, a distillery and possibly a cheese farm.

* I do not confine a tour to one lake. I focus on taking you to the wineries that make the type of wine you prefer. Visiting two lakes is not uncommon.

* I will pick you up at any location in the Finger Lakes Region and drop you off there.

* You may snack in the vehicle.

* I will provide bottles of cold water.

* I can recommend a restaurant, for lunch, if you would like.  Your option.

* I will not be one of two vehicles in a tour with the other vehicle being from a different company.

* I do not chauffeur bachelorette or bachelor parties.   

Rules of the Road:

I do not render service to "partiers" or people whose intentions are to get drunk. Also, I do not chauffeur bachelorette or bachelor parties. I reserve the right to terminate a tour prematurely if you do not behave in my vehicle and in the wineries. There is a $500.00 cleaning fee if you vomit in my vehicle.

There are three reasons why drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted in my vehicle:

* Spills are inevitable. The surface of the seats and carpeting can be shampooed but the liquid alcohol goes down to the bottom. When it dries, the vehicle will smell like stale alcohol. I do not want to chauffeur people in a vehicle that smells like stale alcohol.

* Charles Limousine Service is an associate of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. They strictly forbid drinking alcoholic beverages in a vehicle. If this happens, they will terminate my association. I do not want this to happen because I receive a great deal of business from their website.

* And lastly, it's against the law.

What to Expect:

I will share some history on the vineyards. This will allow you to gain a better appreciation of the wineries and wines. There are several wine makers, in the Finger Lakes, that immigrated to the United States from other countries. They brought their talents to the Finger Lakes making it a world-renowned wine making region! Riesling grapes flourish in our climate. Finger Lakes Rieslings are known around the world!

Cancellation fee:

There is a $50.00 fee for cancelling your reservation.